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PMCID Assistance

List of Publications Acknowledging PRCTRC Support

Health Disparity AreaPublication YearReference
2015Bello, L., Kesari, A., Gordish-Dressman, H., Cnaan, A., Morgenroth, L. P., Punetha, J., Duong, T., Henricson, E. K., Pegoraro, E., McDonald, C. M., Hoffman, E. P. and on behalf of the Cooperative International Neuromuscular Research Group Investigators (2015) Genetic modifiers of ambulation in the cooperative international neuromuscular research group duchenne natural history study. Annals of Neurology, 77(4), 684-696. doi:10.1002/ana.24370
(Other) Core
2015Medina, L., Acosta-Pérez, E., Velez, C., Martínez, G., Rivera, M., Sardiñas, L., and Pattatucci, A. (2015). Training and capacity building evaluation: Maximizing resources and results with success case method. Evaluation and Program Planning, 52(0), 126-132. doi: -
Neuroscience2015Panoutsopoulou, I. G., Luciano, C. A., Wendelschafer-Crabb, G., Hodges, J. S., and Kennedy, W. R. (2015). Epidermal innervation in healthy children and adolescents. Muscle and Nerve, 51(3), 378-384. doi:10.1002/mus.24329
HIV2015Vázquez-Santiago, F., García, Y., Rivera-Román, I., Noel, R.J., Wonja, V., Melendez, L.M., and Rivera-Amill, V. (2015) Longitudinal Analysis of Cerebrospinal Fluid and Plasma HIV-1 Envelope Sequences Isolated From a Single Donor with HIV Asymptomatic Neurocognitive Impairment. Journal of Virology and Antiviral Research, 4(1), XX. doi:10.4172/2324-8955.1000135
HIV2015Sanabria-Ríos, D.J., Rivera-Torres, Y., Rosario, J., Ríos, C., Gutierrez, R., Carballeira, N.M., Vélez, C., Zayas, B., Álvarez-Colón, F., Ortiz-Soto, G., Serrano, V., Altieri-Rivera, J., Ríos-Olivares, E., and Rodríguez, J.W. (2015) Synthesis of novel C5-curcuminoid-fatty acid conjugates and mechanistic investigation of their anticancer activity. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 25(10), 2174-2180. doi: -
Cancer2015Colón-López, V., Quiñones, V., Del Toro-Mejías, L.M., Conde-Toro, A., Serra-Rivera, M.J., Martínez, T.M., Rodríguez, V., Berdiel, L., and Villanueva, H. (2014). HPV Awareness and Vaccine Willingness Among Dominican Immigrant Parents Attending a Federal Qualified Health Clinic in Puerto Rico. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, doi: 10.1007/s10903-014-0067
2015Báez-Pagán, C. A., Delgado-Velez, M., and Lasalde-Dominicci, J. A. (2015). Activation of the macrophage alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor and control of inflammation. Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology: The Official Journal of the Society on NeuroImmune Pharmacology,1-9.doi:10.1007/s11481-015-9601-5
(Other) Basal Dyspnea2015De Jesús-Berríos, Y., Santos-Rodríguez, R.A., Dexter, D., Nieves-Plaza, M., and Nazario, C.M. (2015). Usefulness of the culturally adapted oxygen-cost diagram in the assessment of dyspnea in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico Health Sciences Journal, 34(1), 14-19.
(Other) Prematury Birth2015Lewis, R. C., Cantonwine, D. E., Anzalota Del Toro, L. V., Calafat, A. M., Valentin-Blasini, L., Davis, M. D., Montesano, M.A., Alshawabkeh, A.N., Cordero, J.F., and Meeker, J.D.(2015). Distribution and determinants of urinary biomarkers of exposure to organophosphate insecticides in Puerto Rican pregnant women. The Science of the Total Environment, 15;512-513:337-44. doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2015.01.059 [doi]
HIV2015Gerena, Y., Menendez-Delmestre, R., Skolasky, R. L., Hechavarria, R. M., Perez, S., Hilera, C., González, C., Nath, A., and Wojna, V. (2015). Soluble insulin receptor as a source of insulin resistance and cognitive impairment in HIV-seropositive women. Journal of Neurovirology, doi:10.1007/s13365-014-0310-2
Cancer2015Diaz-Algorri, Y., Lozada, M. E., Lopez, S. M., Bertran-Rodriguez, C. E., Gonzalez-Hernandez, C. M., Gonzalez, D., Pérez-Cardona, C.M., Hernández, J., Pedrosa, C., Toro, D.H., González-Pons, M., and Cruz-Correa, M. (2015). Type 2 diabetes mellitus and colorectal neoplasia risk in Hispanics: A case-control study. Journal of Diabetes and its Complications, doi:S1056-8727(15)00031-8 [pii]
Cardiovascular Disease
2015Esponda, O. L., Hunter, R., Del Rio, J. R., and Washington, A. V. (2015). Levels of soluble TREM-like transcript 1 in patients presenting to the emergency department with chest pain. Clinical and Applied thrombosis/hemostasis: Official Journal of the International Academy of Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis, 21(1), 30-34. doi:10.1177/1076029614547298
2014Magno, P., González, L., Cruz-Correa, M., and Suarez, E. (2014). The prevalence of Barrett’s esophagus associated dysplasia in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico Health Sciences Journal, 33(4), 184-189.
(Other) Arthritis2014Villafradez-Diaz, M., Santiago-Casas, Y., Nieves-Plaza, M., Morales, M., Rodriguez, V., Rios, G., Martinez, D., and Vila, L.M. (2014). Association of the use of statins with disease activity and functional status in Puerto Ricans with rheumatoid Arthritis. Puerto Rico Health Sciences Journal, 33(1), 3-8.
Cancer2014Ramos, G., Loperena, Y., Ortiz, G., Reyes, F., Szeto, A., Vera, J., Velez, J., Morales, J., Morrero, D., Castillo, L., Dharmawardhane, S., Melendez, E., and Washington A.V. (2014). The addition of a pregnenolone pendant group enhances the anticancer properties of titanocene dichloride in a mcf-7 xenograft model. Anticancer Research, 34(4), 1609-1615. doi:34/4/1609
(Other) Productive aging2014Orellano, E. M., Mountain, G., Varas, N., and Labault, N. (2014). Occupational competence strategies in old age: A mixed-methods comparison between hispanic women with different levels of daily participation. OTJR : Occupation, Participation and Health, 34(1), 32-40.
Cardiovascular Disease
2014Pérez, C. M., Soto-Salgado, M., Suarez, E., Guzman, M., and Ortiz, A. P. (2014). High prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes and their coexistence with cardiovascular risk factors in a Hispanic community. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 1-8. doi:10.1007/s10903-014-0025-8
Cancer2014Ballester, V., and Cruz-Correa, M. (2014). Endoscopic surveillance of gastrointestinal premalignant lesions: Current knowledge and future directions. Current Opinion in Gastroenterology, 30(5), 477-483. doi:10.1097/MOG.000000 0000000090
(Other) Crohn's disease2014Isidro, R. A., Bonilla, F. J., Pagan, H., Cruz, M. L., Lopez, P., Godoy, L., Hernandez, S., Loucil-Alicea, R., Rivera-Amill, V., Yamamura, Y., Isidro, A., and Appleyard, C.(2014). The probiotic mixture VSL#3 alters the morphology and secretion profile of both polarized and unpolarized human macrophages in a polarization-dependent manner. Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology, 5(3), 1000227. doi:10.4172/2155-9899.1000227
(Other) Lupus2014Lopez-Lopez, L., Nieves-Plaza, M., Del R Castro, M., Font, Y., Torres-Ramos, C., Vila, L., and Ayala-Pena, S. (2014). Mitochondrial DNA damage is associated with damage accrual and disease duration in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. Lupus, 23(11), 1133-1141. doi:10.1177/0961203314537697
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(Other) Bowel Disease2014Ballester, V., Guo, X., Vendrell, R., Haritunians, T., Klomhaus, A. M., Li, D., McGovern, D.P., Rotter, J.I., Torres, E.A., and Taylor, K.D (2014). Association of NOD2 and IL23R with inflammatory bowel disease in Puerto Rico. PloS One, 9(9), e108204. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0108204
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Cardiovascular Disease2014Andriankaja, O.M. and Joshipura, K. (2014). Potential association between prediabetic conditions and gingival and/or periodontal inflammation. Journal Diabetes Investigation, 5(1), 108-114.
2014Mendez, K., Romaguera, J., Ortiz, A. P., López, M., Steinau, M., and Unger, E. R. (2014). Urine-based human papillomavirus DNA testing as a screening tool for cervical cancer in high-risk women. International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics: The Official Organ of the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, 124(2), 151–155. doi:10.1016/j.ijgo.2013.07.036
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(Other) Antibacterial Formulations2014Sanabria-Ríos, D.J., Rivera-Torres, Y., Maldonado-Domínguez, G., Domínguez, I., Ríos, C., Díaz, D., Rodríguez, J.W., Altieri-Rivera, J.S., Ríos-Olivares, E., Cintrón, G., Montano, N., and Carballeira, N.M. (2014). Antibacterial activity of 2-alkynoic fatty acids against multidrug-resistant bacteria. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids, 178:84-91. doi: 10.1016/j.chemphyslip.2013.12.006.
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(Other) Pharmacogenetics2014Valentin, I. I., Rivera, G., Nieves-Plaza, M., Cruz, I., Renta, J. Y., Cadilla, C. L., Feliu, J.F., Seip, R.L., Ruaño, G., and Duconge, J. (2014). Pharmacogenetic association study of warfarin safety endpoints in puerto ricans. Puerto Rico Health Sciences Journal, 33(3), 97-104.
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2014Rivera-Rivera, Y., Garcia, Y., Toro, V., Cappas, N., Lopez, P., Yamamura, and Rivera-Amill,V. (2014). Depression correlates with increased plasma levels of inflammatory cytokines and a dysregulated Oxidant/Antioxidant balance in HIV-1-infected subjects undergoing antiretroviral therapy. Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology, 5(6), 1000276. doi:1000276 [pii]
(Other) Arthritis2014Font, Y.M., Castro-Santana, L.E., Nieves-Plaza, M., Maldonado, M., Mayor, A.M., and Vilá, L.M. (2014). Factors Associated with Regional Rheumatic Pain Disorders in a Population of Puerto Ricans with Diabetes Mellitus. Clinical Rheumatology, 33(7):995-1000. doi: 10.1007/s10067-013-2474-1
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Cardiovascular Disease2013Colón-Ramos, U., Pérez-Cardona, C.M., and Monge-Rojas, R. (2013). Socio-demographic, behavioral, and health correlates of nutrition transition dietary indicators in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Pan American Journal of Public Health, 34(5):330-5.
(Other) Lupus
2013Murthy, V., Willis, R., Romay-Penabad, Z., Ruiz-Limón, P., Martínez-Martínez, L.A., Jatwani, S., Jajoria, P., Seif, A., Alarcón, G.S., Papalardo, E., Liu, J., Vilá, L.M., McGwin, G.Jr., McNearney, T.A., Maganti, R., Sunkureddi, P., Parekh, T., Tarantino, M., Akhter, E., Fang, H., Gonzalez, E.B., Binder, W.R., Norman, G.L., Shums, Z., Teodorescu, M., Reveille, J.D., Petri, M., and Pierangeli, S.S. (2013). Value of isolated IgA anti-2 -glycoprotein I positivity in the diagnosis of the antiphospholipid syndrome. Arthritis and Rheumatism, 65(12):3186-93. doi: 10.1002/art.38131.
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(Other) Osteoporosis2013González-Rodriguez, L., Felici-Giovanini, M., and Haddock L. (2013). Thyroid Dysfunction in an Adult Female Population: A Population-Based Study of Latin America Vertebral Osteoporosis Study (LAVOS) - Puerto Rico Site. Puerto Rico Health Sciences Journal 32 (2), 57-52.
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(Other) Kidney Disease
2013Soler, Y. A., Nieves-Plaza, M., Prieto, M., Garcia-De Jesus, R., and Suarez-Rivera, M. (2013). Pediatric risk, injury, failure, loss, end-stage renal disease score identifies acute kidney injury and predicts mortality in critically ill children: A prospective study. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine: A Journal of the Society of Critical Care Medicine and the World Federation of Pediatric Intensive and Critical Care Societies, doi:10.1097/PCC.0b013e3182745675
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(Other) Vitamin D
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