Message from Dr. Eliseo Perez-Stable to PRCTRC Conference

2016 Big Data Symposium: Latino Health Paradox

Latino Health Paradox Presentation

Host-Microbe Interactions: New Insights

Simposium: Big Data

Simposium: Big Data- Panel A

Simposium: Big Data- Panel B

How to develop research instruments

Qualitative research forum (Part 1)

Qualitative research forum (Part 2)

Qualitative research forum (Part 3)

Qualitative research forum (Part 4)

Systematic review and Meta-analysis workshop (Part 1)

Systematic review and Meta-analysis workshop (Part 2)

Basic statistical concepts to determine the minimum sample size and statistical power to assess statistical hypotheses

How to choose the best study design

Statistical analysis according to the study design

Formulating a research

Data collection instruments

Selecting the appropriate study design to address specific question

Technology and Resources for core laboratories