The Collaborations and Partnerships Core (CPC) manages a Resource Center for Collaborative Research (RCCR) as a virtual center that functions as a hub to provide relevant information to those interested in establishing collaborative research and new partnerships. The RCCR will establish links to relevant information for proposal development services and research design provided by the PRCTRC, procedures for the establishment of collaborations and partnerships and will also be the home of the PRCTRC Newsletter.

The overall goal of the Collaborations and Partnerships (CP) core is to advance and foster opportunities in clinical and translational research by enhancing the use of new and existing resources, focusing on expanding multidisciplinary research aimed at reducing health disparities.

The CP core is a medular component of the PRCTRC in that it represents the Consortium in the establishment of new partnerships throughout the clinical and translational research community as well as the lay community. While initial relationships and collaborations are begun and established through individual key functions within the PRCTRC, CP is responsible for the formal negotiation of collaborative agreements that establish the formal agreements through which research may be initiated. The CP core will address these goals through two specific aims:

  • Expand the reach of the PRCTRC through the active engagement of strategic partners to perform clinical and translational research in health disparities.
  • Integrate the efforts of scientists within partners’ institutions to promote clinical and translational research that impact our Hispanic community.
  • Primary Health Care network/330
  • We brought together, the faculty of the Doctoral Program on Social Determinants of Health, School of Public Health (SoH), MSC and the Directors of the Castañer 330 center to discuss possible collaborative projects.
  • PRCTRC Pilots Projects Programs- Three awarded Pilots Projects have collaborations with a Primary Health Care Center.
    • Enid Garcia, pilot awardee, “A Multi-Level Intervention for Self-Management of Chronic Disease in the Community”

o   Dr. Benjamin Bolaños, pilot awardee, “Seasonal outdoor eroallergens  as risks factors for triggering children’s asthma in low income communities in Puerto Rico”

  • Coralee Perez, pilot awardee, “Reducing self-stigma in persons with HIV and drug use disorders in Primary Health Care Settings”


  • Collaboration and Partnerships, along with Tracking and Evaluation, conducted a baseline survey to assess knowledge of partners of the PRCTRC and its mission, cores, and services. Taking almost a year to complete, the survey was administered on line using REDCap, and also during faculty meetings in a digital format.   Results from this baseline survey were used initially to configure part of the PRCTRC marketing campaign to improve awareness within our research and clinical partner communities and to delineate policy to make the PRCTRC more agile in responding to researchers’ needs.


  • In May 2016, in collaboration with the Puerto Rico Consortium for Clinical Investigation (PRCCI), we held the first of two conference calls to discuss establishing a a mentorship relationship with Yale University through the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI).  From the action items agreed upon that day the following outcomes have resulted.
  • Lisa Cruz Avilés was accepted for a Fellowship in Pediatric Endocrinology at Yale with Dr. Tamborlane.
  • A mentoring workshop, a grant writing workshop and a managing a biorepository lecture and discussion session that were held in November 1-3 2016 at the PRCCI. Resources were from YCCI were doctors Eugene Shapiro, Patrick O Connor and Kevan Herold.


  • Collaborations and Partnerships have published the PRCTRC Newsletter, four times a year since 2011.
  • Collaborations and Partnerships has led in the development of a uniform Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for protocols from the PRCTRC and its partners.


  • In collaboration with Regulatory Knowledge and Support core and Administrative core, Collaboration and Partnerships assisted in the design of the PRCTRC Volunteer Registry.


  • Collaboration and Partnerships has chaired the organizing committee of the 2017 and 2018 PRCTRC Scientific Day, a time where PRCTRC-sponsored clinical and translational researchers disseminate and highlight their study outcomes.  During this event, the PRCTRC Early Investigator Achievement Award is also awarded.




Our Services

At the CPC we are interested in the development of new partnerships to broaden our research base. In addition we are also interested in the growth of current partnerships with the development of new investigations.

CPC may help in identifying resources for the establishment of new partnerships; develop Memoranda of Understanding or other documentation to formalize this relationship and to integrate new partners with the other cores and resources of the PRCTRC. Please contact us to initiate the process to see our currents partners and find a collaborator press here.

Community Organizations with research experience at PRCTRC:

1. Health workshop, Inc: This organization have participated in 3 research protocols:

Arte con Salud- AcS, Cultivando la Salud- CLS and Working

Against Violence by Eliminating Disparities -WAVED

Community Academic Partnership –Research “Arte con Salud; AcS”

Contact: Health workshop

2. Centers Sister Isolina Ferre:

Quebrada Alta Community Academic Partnership- QA

Programa Activate por tu Salud- PAPS.

Contact: Centers Sister Isolina Ferre

3. Other Community Organizations

4. Community Based Organizations

5. Collaborative Group 2013-14


787-758-2525 ext. 7035/4009

Kenira Thompson, PhD
Co-Leader PHSU

Core Coordinator

787-798-3001 ext. 2082