The overall goal of the Evaluation Core (EC) is to design and conduct a comprehensive evaluation for monitoring the achievements of short, medium and long-term goals of the PRCTRC. As well, the EC efforts develop high-level evaluation capacity integrating evaluation practices in the daily functions and operations of PRCTRC.

  • Promote an evaluation culture to facilitate a healthy organizational structure in the PRCTRC for the accomplishment of the proposed goals.
  • Incorporate strategic planning, organizational management, and tracking processes into the implementation of PRCTRC program and each core.
  • Assess outcomes/achievements of PRCTRC and each core annually.
  • Develop and update logic models, work plans, and evaluation plans for each PRCTRC core.
  • Implement a participatory evaluation approach among all PRCTRC activities.
  • Host Driving to Consortium Organizational Innovation initiative among PRCTRC staff.
  • Implement a 360˚ approach to assess the PRCTRC advancement of knowledge.
  • Develop and implement evaluation data collection strategies to ensure tracking of measures of overall PRCTRC activities and outcomes.
  • Monitor the progress and impact of PRCTRC training activities and mentoring programs.
  • Assess the progress of the PRCTRC in fulfilling its mission and goals.

Development activities with Core Leaders and their staff including:

  • 11 core logic models have been developed.
  • 11 core evaluation plans have been reviewed and updated.
  • 11 core work plans have been developed, with ongoing review and updates to assure core activity success.

TEK leadership and staff also provided essential services for evaluation, support for policy development, and development of data management systems for effective evaluation.  Highlights of these outcomes are:

  • Needs Assessments and Evaluation Processes/Tools
  • Created and have ongoing management of 14 data management systems and quality improvement systems that support for demand, utilization and management of PRCTRC resources among cores and affiliated institutions.
  • Conducted 11 needs assessments.
  • Created 18 data tracking systems with ongoing data management and monitoring support.
  • Ongoing data management and analysis support have been provided to PRCTRC cores (e.g., CRF, ADM, TRCL) for the cost recovery system.
  • 167 formative evaluations (e.g., activity satisfaction, process evaluation, performance evaluation) were supported.
  • 23 summative evaluations (e.g., outcome, impact) were supported.
  • Tracking efforts to monitor the PRCTRC advancement of knowledge and scientific productivity.
  • 612 research studies have been classifying by translational research stage.
  • PMCID request assistance was provided to 88 PRCTRC-supported investigators.
  • 60 PRCTRC scientific highlights has been created and disseminated.
    • Support was provided to over 10 community outreach activities designed to increase the awareness of the PRCTRC (e.g., mission, resources, research, opportunities to participate in clinical trials) and to promote the PRCTRC Volunteer Registry.


  • Policy and Organizational Development
  • Ongoing individual/group interventions and team building activities have been implemented to promote a healthy organizational structure.
  • Several PRCTRC policies for the management and operational procedures have been reviewed and updated (e.g., SOPs, studies utilization, studies productivity, mentoring).

Our Services

Is an innovative methodology that provides interpersonal-level data. The EC implements a NA methodology to examine scientific collaboration patterns of the Puerto Rico Clinical and Translational Research Consortium-supported investigators. This methodology contributes to the identification of central actors, evaluating critical data about program interactions, and provides the opportunity to develop targeted interventions that could improve program performance.



Coordinator, Research Evaluator & Programmatic Advisor

Research Evaluator & Programmatic Advisor